Precisive processing for tape and film

Micro laser processing for tape, film and metal foils

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Microfluidic chipMicrofluidic chip bonded by less elution tape

Micro plateAdhesive tape for bonding micro plate

Micro laser processingMicrofabrication

Business lineup

Precisive punching processing for tape and film

We have several press machines of precisive punching processing for tape and film and we have plotter machine for prototype without mold cost. Also we can punch printed rolled film precisely by continuous press machine with CCD camera. In case of complicated design, it is possible to punch multiply by precisive alignment. Our processing in clean room can meet particle and dust requirement.

Micro laser processing for tape, film and metal foils

Our introduced laser processing with 5 types of wavelength makes possible micro holes and shapes that are impossible by punching processing. It is possible to make micro figures on high cost materials with focus on high volume manufacturing. And also hybrid processing is available such as micro area by laser and other area by punching for achieving target cost at high volume manufacturing.

Bonding process in clean condition

It is possible to bond processed tapes and films precisely with no air bubble. We bond processed tapes and films by our designed fixture with adjusting actual their dimensions. Therefore we can achieve +/- 0.05mm tolerance by simple fixture and continuous bonding process is possible by our automatic machine.

Specific shipping tray in house

We can design and manufacture shipping trays ourselves. Especially specific tray is required for bonded products because of quality maintenance during delivery. It is possible to deliver our products to customers securely with our designed specific tray that meets required product property.

Business policy

We continue to challenge customers' hard demand for both prototype and high-volume production of tape and film.

In R&D of healthcare and chemical field, parts for automobile and various industrial field and electronic components field, precisive punching processing of double-stick tape and film is required. Our tape and film processing is rapidly required high functionality and high quality in order to be embedded in high reliability products. We have enough technology and manufacturing capability that can respond customers’ high level demand for their product development.


Company Profile

Company name CSTEC Corporation
Incorporation October 20th, 1999

JPY 30,000,000

President & CEO

Yoshitaka Taniguchi


MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Kyoto Chuo Sinkin Bank

Scope of business

Precision processing and assembly provider for medical and industrial products

Sales area

Japan, North America, Europe

Regular holiday

Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday

Business hours

8:30 am to 5:00 pm as Japan time

Location of Head Quarters

57-1 Ogahara, Makishimacho, Uji Shi, Kyoto Fu, 611-0041, Japan

Location of 2nd Factory

35-29-3 Makishimacho, Uji-shi, Kyoto 611-0041 Japan

Location of Gifu Factory

3-110 Heijima,Ginan-cho, Hashima-Gun,Gifu 501-6003 Japan

Yokohama Satelite

Landmark Plaza 5F,2-2-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku,Yokohama City, Kanagawa 220-0012

Location of Associated company

57-1 Ogahara, Makishimacho, Uji Shi, Kyoto Fu, 611-0041, Japan

Unit904,9/F.,Tern Plaza,No.5 Cameron Road ,Tsim Sha Tsui,Kowloon,Hong Kong

Company History

1999 Established CSTEC, LLC
2000 Launched tray business
2001 Changed the company name to CSTEC Corporation
2002 Relocated Head Quarters
2003 Launched assembly business
2005 Opened Hong Kong office
2006 Obtained ISO9001 certification and launched clean room
2007 Opened Tokyo office
2009 Launched e-commerce site
2014 Launched special laser processing in Kobe R&D center
2015 Obtained KES Environment Management System Standard
2016 Opened Uji 2nd factory
2019 Relocated Head Quarters
2020 Relocated Tokyo office
2021 Obtained ISO14001 certification
2021 Opened Gifu factory
2024 Opened USA office

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